GiusyGiusy Uljanic was born in  Turin where she accomplished her advanced studies. She lives in Grugliasco  where she works in the artistic field. Her interest in art is alive since her youth , when she already loved drawing the forms of nature, the human body and the patterns that awake her field of vision. After a long period of spontaneous experimentation and attendance to Art Classes, since 1994 she’s assisted with the supervision of Professor Enzo Papa, University Lecturer of Pictorial Subject and Art Critic. From him she learns the different processes of painting, from oil  to natural and synthetic distemper. Later the Artist is followed by the painter Mirella Ribaudo, with whom she deepens  her knowledge and test other pictorial techniques like coloured crayons and watercolour, and evolves the acrylic and oil. After a period of autonomous work, during which she deals with oriental and exotic subjects to assimilate the general lines of distant cultures, the Artist keeps in touch with the painter Vinicio Perugia  that follows her in the experimentation of unusual subjects and procedures made with the oil techniques. Giusy has precociously started to take part to contests, general exhibitions and art reviews achieving prizes and recognitions. She has already done several personal exhibitions  in different places  beyond Turin and Piedmont.



Via Moncalieri, 76
10095 Grugliasco (To) - ITALY
Mobile: +39 333 6691292
Email: giusy@giusyuljanic.it