Giusy Uljanic, between  nostalgia and imaginary


An accomplished art, always in evolution, longing for freedom in a vigorous painting

The classical evocation of the human character in the paintings of Giusy Uljanic brings us to the magnificence  of “Arte Bella”, to the everlasting tradition of every art lover ‘s  historical awareness. He is sometimes fascinated by chromatism and discordances of the 20th century  painting, but keeps intact in his deepest feelings the emotion of the naturalistic form, idealized or restored in a spontaneous  realism. Giusy  often indulges on oriental inspired characters, typologies of  imaginary, rather than portraits of  ordinary life  people, even if the features and ornaments are reminding circumstances and situations  of this kind of  life.  Through the  classical  portrait in the distant past and with the help of the grace of characters  of a distant cultural world in the space, Giusy  lives again and brings to life  the charm of a reality that belongs  to the lands of fantasy, memory and dream. So the artist can regain and give back everything that doesn’t belong to her background.  The painting technique is precise and ripe in experience, which is typical of an austere disposition never approximate or uncertain. In spite of the nostalgic inclination, issued from her pictorial choices, there’s no motion of anxiety or restlessness for transiency  as the privileged  classicism immortalized the characters  in forms and colours always repeating  in art from thousand years. Nobody can guess if the painting of Giusy Uljanic will keep in future time the stylistic features of the illustrious classical tradition or if new incentives and other impulses will turn her art towards different directions. As the painting is the nature of the artist, it is possible to predict, without taking  an extreme risk, that possible stylistic metamorphosis  won’t distort too much  her firm style, mirror of an anthropic  and artistic culture  always fond and respectful  of the history  committed to the new generations.

(Enzo Papa) 



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